Character Creation

Character creation is covered on p.13 of the Hero’s Guide to Faerun. Please follow these steps even when creating advanced characters as it will be much easier to follow your development path.

In addition, when a character dies or departs permanently a new character may be needed. The house rule is that the new character will begin at the lowest XP total possible, based on the lowest level of any current character (including the recently departed). Thus, if Bob dies, and a new character is created, if the lowest level character at that time (including Bob) is 3rd level, then the new character will begin at 3rd level with 7,500 XP. However, as an added bonus, the new character will receive some of the XP he has already earned as bonus starting XP, which may allow him to advance additional levels.

The following are the current award categories for XP awards. Any marked with a (*) symbol will have the campaign total from the current character pass to the new character minus a reduction of 20% (a death tax if you will).

  • Experience Award – Experience awarded for general accomplishments.
  • Story Award – Experience awarded for furthering the primary plot(s) set out by GM.
  • Balls of Steel Bonus – Awarded for exceptional bravery (or foolishness) in the face of danger.
  • Captain Martyr Bonus – Awarded for amazing self-sacrifice without attempting personal gain.
  • Gnomish Artificer Bonus – Awarded for exceptional creativity or ingenuity.
  • Method Acting Bonus* – Awarded for inspired roleplaying and consistent character immersion.
  • Self-Service Bonus* – Awarded for staying true to your character even while facing adversity.
  • Tall Tales Bonus* – Awarded for creating and/or maintaining a character adventure log.

The general amount of XP granted for bonus awards is 250 (1st-5th level), 500 (6th-10th level), 1,500 (11th-15th level), and 5,000 (16th-20th level). This may vary according the circumstances and the whim of the game master.

Character Creation

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