A Terrible Twist of the Truth

Prologue (the story so far)

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This brief synopsis includes events which occurred from the 12th of Tarsakh until the 23rd of Mirtul, in the Year of the Banner, or 1368 Dalereckoning.

  • The bond amongst original characters was formed at the Singing Sprite Inn, in the quiet town of Secomber in the Savage North of Faerun. During some mild-mannered conversation a stranger stumbled into the tavern and ran squarely into one of the party members. It was later discovered that this stranger left a gift before mysteriously disappearing from his inn room, a map and a letter.
  • These items led the group to an abandoned and overgrown ruin in the southern reaches of the High Forest wherein after combating an intelligent plant creature (a vine intent on having their blood) they discovered a stone door frame suspended in mid-air.
  • After some effort the group managed to make their way to the door frame and through experimentation and a large dose of blind luck they discovered the key to activate this dormant portal, which in turn carried them to a long forgotten temple to the dark god Bhaal.
    The group learned of the supposedly true origins of the dark three; the gods Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul. They also uncovered a way to exit, involving the shedding of blood, the discovery of a ceremonial dagger of ancient origin, and a puzzle involving skull-bowling and knucklebones.
    Once free, the group was set upon by bandits with a strange sign tattooed upon them. One which no one recognized. They made their way towards Waterdeep intent on finding a sage to uncover it’s origin.
  • Once within Waterdeep the group was beset with more questions and few answers. They found little information on the symbol, but did hear a strong rumor that temples to dark gods, ruined and otherwise, existed within Undermountain. They decided to make their way there to explore.
  • The first foray into Undermountain resulted in tragedy as one member fell and joined the ranks of the unquiet dead. They fled quickly and regrouped.
  • The group made two more forays into Undermountain losing more members and discovering little but empty passages, ghostly laughter, traps, and strange creatures. Frustration beset them and the group fractured, some choosing to pursue higher minded purpose or other business.
  • A newly formed group heard rumors of sleeping dwarves and great treasures hidden within Undermountain and in the midst of a drunken revelry they decided to try their luck once again. Strangely enough no one died, and indeed the group grew while within. Picking up new members who had likewise entered Undermountain either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • With new friends in tow the group left Undermountain and repurposed themselves to not just exploring for the sake of finding treasure, but for the purpose of finding truth, though exactly what this entailed no one is yet certain.
  • Having come into information about potential plots afoot in the City of Splendors the adventurers are pursuing their leads from different angles with reckless abandon.
  • Where last we left our intrepid heroes the City Watch is closing on Tommy Two-Fingers for questioning in the attempted arson of the Harbor Masters office, information is owed to the dwarf Thorden, and Rhespin has uncovered valuable information confirming that he has indeed traveled seven centuries into the future.

Our Current Cast: Rhespan Alstara, Rurnolor son of Eroc, Tommy Two-Fingers, Ironbrand, and Thorden.

Departed Friends: <unnamed>, Maug, Daneel, and Kai’Rath.

Honored Dead: Taranthyr (undead)



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